Blog?! I don’t like the word blog. It sounds so dysfunctional, like the word blob. Yuk! Wasn’t there an old horror flick about “The Blob”, go figure. It just sits there. It has no excitement, no zing, no character, just blah! A man probably came up with the word. Nothing against men, but we women know how they are. Their inspiration can sometimes be like trying to throw their easy chair. Nothing easy about that.

Blog’ette! Now that sounds much better! It’s feminine, like a lady’s boutique, which is a quant, beautiful and an inspirational place to enjoy your shopping. A place where you are catered to and pampered! It also sounds like a small tasty pastry. You know, one of those fancy French pastries that you dare not to indulge in, but then again you can’t help yourself and are glad you did! Ha ha! Yummy!

So, life is too short to settle into a blog. Yuk, again! Oh blog hum bug!

There is a solution! Blog’ette!

It is my hope that as I share with you my personal insights the Lord gives me that He will inspire us, encourage us and strengthen us for His great end time out pouring of His Holy Spirit. It’s time for us ladies to get out our Bibles, get cozy in our favorite chair, have a cup of our favorite coffee or tea and Blog’ette together!

Hurray for the Blog’ettes!

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