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I’ve noticed that many people don’t really know the basics of life.

          There are two masters in life: God in Heaven, or the fallen Angel of light the world serves.  One can bring you into a life full of love, peace and fulfillment, and the other a life full of torment, hate and frustration.  One of the deciding factors of living this life is the presence of God.  There is a real difference between love and evil, and you can even feel them in the atmosphere.

On this website, I give you the opportunity to learn how to live your life in the fulfillment of what God in Heaven has for you.  An opportunity to know love, peace and fulfillment. 

        What is the meaning of life?         Knowing Jesus.


Jesus said, “I am the door.

Anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (They will live).

He will come in and he will go out (freely), and he will find pasture.

The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.

I came that you may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance

(to the full, till it overflows).”

John 10:9-10 The Amplified Version of the Holy Bible



Hello, I’m Judy Block

There is no need in living this life without help.  You are quite capable of accomplishing great things not only for you and your family, but also for the Kingdom of God.

When you put God first in your life by accepting Jesus as your personal Savior, the favor of God will be on your life, because now you have given Him the legal right as His child to help you!

Experience is the best lesson giver, and a life lived walking in a relationship with Jesus and the Holy Spirit is a life worth gleaning from.  My life experiences and lessons I’ve learned from Jesus and the Holy Spirit are here for you to grow in.

These lessons are powerful and will empower you with how to pray and be motivated to win the battles of life.



Pursue Jesus!  He is worth the effort!

The Bible says:

“Delight yourself in the Lord (Jesus) and He WILL give you the desires of your heart!”  Psalm 37:4

My Books

Books are a great way to grow.  In my books are personal revelations and experiences I’ve had and received from the Lord Jesus.  I have written these books with the hope of helping others grow in their walk with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


      Gate = Decision is two-fold.  In the first folding, I give you my testimony of a supernatural experience I had at my grandmother’s gate with the Holy Spirit.  It was the providence of God working in my life!  Then when you unfold the second part, you will find yourself on your own journey learning how God is leading your personal life, and how to go through the gates He has prepared for you!  Are you ready to go through your gate?  It’s time for you to pursue the blessings God has for you!  Let’s Go!



       Did you know the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is available for you?  In this book I tell the story of a 2 am vision the Lord gave me about the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  I explain where the anointing comes from, the authority you have in your own personal anointing, and how to make it grow.  Revelation is what takes us higher and deeper in Him.  Get this book and go for God and the empowerment of His Anointing for you!

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Ways to Help You Grow in Your Prayer Life

Jesus said, “When you pray, go into your (most) private room, and, closing the door, pray to your Father, Who is in secret; and your Father, Who sees in secret, will reward you in the open.”  Matthew 6:6 Amplified Version


1 – Why Pray?

2 – How Do I Pray?

3 – The Prayer of Agreement

4 – Corporate Prayer


Matthew 6:9-13   A personal detailed study outline I researched over the years out of my desire to know and live in the revelation of who God the Father and the Lord Jesus my Savior is.


1 – The Hedge of Protection

2 – The Hedge of Thornes

3 – The Wall of Fire of The Holy Spirit

4 – The Armour of God

5 – Praying for Your Spirit, Soul and Body


“So too the (Holy) Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.”  Romans 8:26 Amplified Version


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What is your passion?

How to Raise Godly Children

It’s all about family and especially our children!

As a mother, raising my children “In the fear and admonition of the Lord” was a priority.  Here I have outlined what I did.  Humbly and thankfully my children love the Lord and have a relationship with Jesus and the Bible.  I hope what I did will bless you and help you on your journey.  Also, now as a grandmother, I believe this could help all of us and that includes men.  Grandparents are super important in a child’s life.  I have a contact page if you have questions.

“ Working with Kathy was one of the hardest, yet most life-giving experiences I’ve ever been through as a woman.

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My Music



Alone With You

     To know Jesus and have the friendship of the Holy Spirit is what makes this life worth living! The first touch of God’s love is so overwhelming!  It is my hope that you will experience His presence when you listen to my songs.    1 – Alone with you     2 – In Secret               3 – Jesus Only You     4 – Your Love     5 – We Cry Holy

Judy Block’s YouTube Channel

     As of now, I have some of the prophetic music I participated in from Destiny Christian Healing Center located in Garland Texas.  I have the music from my CD “Alone With You”, and the videos I made for my website “Judy and The Blogettes”. 

     As I build this new website, I plan on recording all my content and putting it on my Youtube channel.

The Synergy of Providence

Supernatural + Energy = Synergy

The foreseeing care and guidance of God, our Heavenly Father, directing the universe and the affairs of  YOUR life!  His thoughts and desires toward you are all good!

It’s not a short term diet.
It’s a long term lifestyle change

The Limitless Life™ podcast is a biweekly conversation with world-changing entrepreneurs whose lives have been transformed through the power of personal growth. Together, we uncover how they grew from the challenging, messy parts of life that we all face. Listen in as they vulnerably share some of their secret sauce with me. Plus, you’ll also get to be a fly on the wall for my popular “coaching” episodes, where I coach entrepreneurs on the struggles we all face.

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Teachings of Biblical Truths

12 Biblical Foundations of Christianity

1 – The Trinity

2 – God the Father and Creator

3 – Jesus, the Son of God

4 – The Holy Spirit and Baptism

5 – Water Baptism

6 – The Bible and The Authority of Scripture

7 – The Resurrection of The Dead

8 – Eternal Judgement

9 – The Laying On of Hands

10 – Israel and God’s Kingdom

11 – To The Jew First

12 – The Great Commission

Your Authority in Jesus

1 – The Power of The BLood of Jesus

2 – The Power of the Name of Jesus

3 – The Power of Agreement with Jesus’ Words

Your Kingdom Inheritance

1 – Your Inheritance

2 – God’s Purpose for You

3 –

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The Father’s Gift

The Father’s Gift

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The Father’s Gift

Mountains Moved!

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