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Gate = Decision

Did you know God is in the business of opening Gates?

So many of us are walking through this life unaware of the guiding hand of God.  We often half-way acknowledge He’s kept us from terrible things that could have happened, but do we really understand the magnitude of His direction in our lives?

Who are you and where have you come from?  What determines the challenges in your life?  Are you open enough to pursue what God has for you?

In Gate = Decision each chapter builds upon the other, giving you an understanding of the flow of God’s providence for your personal life.  When we follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, each gate we take should prepare and propel us into our purpose and destiny, and the providence of God’s Kingdom within us!  God is so perfect in all of His ways; we know that He has supernaturally made a way just for you!

This book was written for you the reader with a two-fold leading of the Holy Spirit.  In the first folding, I give you my testimony of a supernatural experience I had at my grandmother’s gate with the Holy Spirit.  It was the providence of God working in my life!  Then when you unfold the second part, you will find yourself on your own journey learning how God is leading your personal life, and how to go through the gates He has prepared for you!

Are you ready to go through your gate?

It’s time for you to pursue the blessings God has for you!

Let’s Go!


The Anointing – The Seal of Approval

Did you know the Anointing of the Holy Spirit is for you?!

In this book I tell you the story of how the Lord woke me up at 2 am and gave me an incredible vision.  Amazingly enough it is a vision beyond what I could have imagined, about the anointing of the Holy Spirit!  I explain where your anointing comes from, the authority you have in your own personal anointing, and how to make it grow.  God is so awesome!

For those who want more of God’s presence in their lives and a deeper walk with Him, this book is for you!  The purpose of His gifts He has given you are unique to only you.  Don’t say no.  Get this book and go for God and the empowerment of His Anointing for you!  Revelation is what takes us higher and deeper in Him!

On the cover I strategically had a Holy Spirit seal designed.  I wanted it to have a governmental appearance of His Glory!

The Holy Spirit Anointing!  Our Seal of Approval!


Alone With You – Music CD

To know Jesus and have the friendship of the Holy Spirit is what makes this life worth living!

The first touch of God’s love is overwhelming.  It is my hope that you will experience His presence when you listen to my songs.

1 – Alone With You

2 – In Secret

3 – Jesus Only You

4 – Your Love

5 – We Cry Holy

Judy Block’s You Tube

It’s time to experience God’s presence!

Hello!  I’m Judy Block and welcome to my You Tube channel.  This is a work in progress, just like our walk with the Lord.

As of now, I have some of the prophetic music I participated in from Destiny Christian Healing Center in Garland Texas.  I have the music from my CD “Alone With You”, and the videos I made for my website “Judy and The Blogettes”.

As I build this new website, Judy Block Ministries, I plan on putting all my teachings, prayer guide, music and more on it.

Go and look at it.  Enjoy the music and videos.  I hope you are inspired and go back for more!



Psalm 16:11

“You will show me the path of life: in Your presence is fullness of joy, at Your right hand there are pleasures forevermore”.